About Us

About Clark Manufacturing LLC.

Clark Manufacturing is a business venture launched out of 15 years of experience in elevated-temperature electrical and refractory components.

Four years ago we were given the opportunity to supply a major gold mine with bismuth oxide used as a replacement for lead in fire assay—a method of determining the amount of gold values in ore. There was a need for a higher purity oxide than was currently available.

We decided to create an effective method of directly oxidizing bismuth oxide from a local source of bismuth. The direct oxidation pilot plant that was established to prove the feasibility of the process has to date produced well over 10,000 pounds of bismuth oxide tested at 99.995% purity and in particle sizes all below one micron (nano particles).

Further development has produced control over crystal size, shape and structure, opening markets that were previously not economically approachable for bismuth oxide. We currently have a patent pending on the process in the United States and have filed for international status.

It became clear to us that the oxide we were producing as a lead replacement for the gold mining industry has applications in a variety of different fields. We are now ready to meet the demands of a growing and diversified bismuth oxide market.
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your source for high-quality bismuth oxide.

Jeffrey W. Clark
Managing Member
Clark Manufacturing LLC.